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Are you ready to embark on the journey to rethinking the role of technology in creating sustainable enterprises?
Technology has a significant impact on people's lives. Learn how through our end-to-end technology solutions, we bring our vision of making the world run better and improving peoples’ lives to the fore.
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Participate in this Africa-first world-class virtual event to begin the journey of rethinking the role of technology in business transformation and the creation of sustainable businesses in Africa.
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Join us to learn how our solutions can help you deliver company-wide functionality as well as industry-specific sustainability features to drive sustainability at scale by embedding operations and insights into core business processes.
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Welcome Keynote
The role and impact of technology in Africa. How technology is impacting African economies. What the audience can expect from the Business Transformation Tour
Cathy Smith - Managing Director at SAP Africa
Customer Keynote
Customer transformational story - SAP S/4HANA, Business Technology Platform, Digital Supply Chain. Business challenges/imperitives/objectives that needed to be addressed. Business benefits that resulted from the business transformation.Future transformation goals/objectives.
Jennifer McDonald - Director Consulting at Deloitte Africa
SAP Sustainability Initiatives
Sustainability in Africa - environmental, inequality, social injustice. Sustainability value proposition.SAP point-of-view / value prop to drive business sustainability.
Carlos Diaz - Chief Sustainability Officer, SVP SAP EMEA South at SAP
Driving Your Edge to Cloud Sustainability Strategy
Intel’s long-standing commitment to environmental leadership through sustainable manufacturing, data center design and ecosystem partnerships helps our customers and community stakeholders successfully innovate to meet the needs of the future. Learn about Intel’s sustainable strategy and partnership with SAP to reduce carbon footprint from the edge to the cloud.
Jordan Rodgers - EMEA Enterprise Sales Manager at Intel Corporation
Break out sessions
A journey into the "Green economy"
Together we explore a city has become eco-sustainable through innovation made possible thanks to the adoption of RISE. This journey will inspire your digital evolution and transformation goals.
Colin Van Rooyen - Customer Solution Advisor at SAP Africa
Continuous Process Innovation - Next level on Process Excellence enabled by SAP
Continuous Process Innovation: Next Level on Process Excellence enabled by SAP Subject: Continuous Process Innovation in the Enterprise Process Excellence Cycle using SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP Business Process Intelligence frameworks, and SAP engagement models supporting it.
Jose M. Escolar (Chema) - Director, Global Center of Excellence, Platform & Technologies at SAP
Thomas Benaroya - Services Business Development Manager, Middle East North and South at SAP
Dimitrios Lyras - Principal Data Scientist, Global Center of Excellence, Platform & Technologies at SAP
RISE with SAP embeds sustainability and innovation into your core business processes. See how to take the lead to drive top-line growth while getting continuous insight to optimize business processes. Secure your success and improve the transparency to meet current and future sustainability needs.
Markus Rosemann - Chief Business Development Expert at SAP
Digital Supply Chain: Supply Chain Security Goes Digital: New innovations driving the digital supply chain
With today’s security challenges, it is important to expand the traditional definition of the supply chain to include the concept of digital supply chain. This expands the scope to encompass recording and tracking key information about a device’s entire lifespan. Hear more about this emerging capability and why it is critical to today’s security.
Tom Garrison - VP/GM Client Computing Group, Security Strategy & Initiatives at Intel Corporation
Digital Supply Chain
Build and Resilient & Sustainable Digital Supply Chain: From Design to Operate
Alessandro Passoni - Head of DSC Center of Excellence EMEA South at SAP
S/4 HANA and Cloud Conversation: Why more businesses should move to the cloud
Market trends are driving businesses to evaluate their readiness for digital transformation and their execution strategy for the future. In this session, we talk about how businesses that run SAP can manage the challenges they face in their migration journey.
Bryan Hiestand - Global Cloud Manager, SAP Solutions at Intel
How we Run SAP Business Technology Platform
SAP transformational story - How we internally run Business Technology Platform with 500+ Apps and over 400 internal developers. Some insights in the internal journey, most used service, governance setups and How IT partners with the business and closed by some lessons learned.
Christian Kuehne - SAP Intelligent Enterprise Solutions, Technology Services, Head of the Platform Center of Excellence at SAP
Customer Story: Standard Bank
How Standard Bank used Intel® Optane™ persistent memory to get the best out of their SAP deployment in South Africa.
Werner Fleidl - Head of Platforms : Group Finance IT and Procurement at Standard Bank
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